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Hi Everyone, 


I am Chef Dani. I was born and raised until the age of 6 years old in Kingston, Jamaica. Being raised by two hard-working parents, I spent most of my time with my grandparents, especially in the kitchen with my grandmother where she was constantly teaching me cultural dishes. When I moved to New York I spent my summers in Jamaica with my grandparents, always looking for ways to learn more in the kitchen. Helping with chores around the kitchen, I soon developed a love for different techniques used to knead soft dough, and spices used in marinating meats. I am inspired by how food can tell a story and convey cultural backgrounds as well as how it brings people together. 


From the age of 13 watching my grandmother and parents growing up, I started to teach myself Jamaican recipes. As I grew older I expanded to other cultural cuisines. With each dish, I’ve made I always added my own special touch. The skills I have gained has allowed me to create my own recipes and add a strong influence on the menus to come, which will combine the traditional Jamaican cooking to new cuisines that influence this century. Fun fact about Chef Dani is that during the day I am a Hospital Social Worker with a passion for cooking. Every meal I create reflects my values not just an excellent taste but Jamaican Island Flavors and more!